What we do

Chiropratica Universale is the creation of Dr. Craig Austin Peterson DC and offers cutting edge holistic healing in the historic center of Rome.  Dr. Craig’s perspective is that dis-ease comes when we separate from or block off parts of our experience or selves.  Holism is a healing approach that has wholeness of an individual as its goal.

Dr. Craig has chosen Chiropractic as the vehicle for this holistic and vitalistic philosophy because it deals directly with the human spine.  The spine is the center and main support of our bodies and it contains the spinal cord within it.  This is connected to the brain enabling us to experience all of life and empowering all of our actions.

With special attention and care to the state of the spine the condition of the spinal cord can be improved over time.  With a healthy spine and spinal cord we develop what is called “neuro-spinal integrity”.   What this really means is that all the pieces of your body are working together and they are on your team.

With dedicated attention from Dr. Craig at Chiropratica Universale you will develop neuro-spinal integrity of your own.  With your spine and spinal cord working together you begin to heal from the inside out.  Come in to learn more or ask about making an appointment with Dr. Craig.