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Dr. Craig Austin Peterson, D.C. is the Chiropractor and operator of Chiropratica Universale. He is a student of languages, history, physics, philosophy, and mystic philosophies. Before becoming a Chiropractor he worked as a massage therapist and studied a form of meditative healing in San Francisco, CA. He accepted his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West in 2013 and came to Italy in 2014. Moving to Rome in the spring of 2016 he established his practice shortly after.

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Philosophically he views health and life as normal products of a properly functioning body. The best way to create real, lasting change is for the body to create it. Therefore, Dr. Craig is focused on specificity, precision, and using the least amount of force necessary at each visit. He is continually studying and working alongside Doctors of Chiropractic from all over the world to refine and advance the understanding and application of Chiropractic. With Dr. Craig you can be certain that you will be receiving quality care from one of the most skilled and up to date practitioners on the planet.

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