Dr. Craig

Self development and natural health have been a lifelong area of interest for Dr. Craig.  As a child he was diagnosed with asthma and ADD.  As a result he consumed large doses of pharmaceuticals for many years and experienced negative side effects along with them.  At the age of 9, he began studying Tae Kwon Do and this developed into an exploration of many different areas of eastern philosophy.  Among these, he pursued interest in ninjitsu, tai chi and chi gung, kundalini meditation, and taoist philosphy.

As a young adult, he experienced an ongoing pain in his upper back as well as knee that eventually led him to a Chiropractor.  This first adjustment immediately helped where many other massages, doctors, acupuncture visits, and yoga classes had not.  Eventually, Dr. Craig found himself in San Francisco employed in the service of a Chiropractic office and saw the power of the adjustment to change people’s lives for the better first hand.  From being a witness to these powerful results and influenced by a number of outstanding Doctors of Chiropractic in the San Francisco area he decided to enroll at Life Chiropractic College West.

Graduating in September of 2013 he has since adjusted thousands of people in seven countries on four continents.  He has a passion for helping people to reclaim their innate power to live well and a global vision of a healthy and happy planet.  With a similar passion for languages and world history Rome was the perfect city to open Chiropratica Universale and offer the healing power of simple and effective Chiropractic to anyone with a heart, a spine, and a desire to live well.

“A positive vision of the future requires a faith in the power of humans to change their circumstance.  The ability to change is best expressed at the individual level and free from interference by outside factors.  A well adjusted spine gives anybody the gift of feeling whole and well.  It is individual people that are whole, happy, and healthy who will create a bright future for us all.”    -Dr. Craig Austin Peterson, D.C.

By Appointment

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Everything at Chiropratica Universale is personalized and by appointment.

The first step is just getting to know you.  This is a free, no obligation conversation.  The idea is to see if holistic Chiropractic is really a good fit for you.

This complimentary consultation will include questions about your health and a professional consultation with Dr. Craig.  If our service is not in your best interest there is no obligation to continue.  If Chiropratica Universale is a good fit for you exams and care are available for anybody regardless of age, gender, race/ethnicity, faith or sexuality.  After the consultation and exam a second visit with results, recommendations, and a Chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Craig are included with the exam process.

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info@chiropraticauniversale.com      Tel: 06 4559 5503   What’s app: 35 1287 0889