Woken up by Thunder

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Electric Charge Disperses to the Ground

The other night I was woken up by the sound of Thunder in the center or Rome. Here we have been without rain for more than 5 months. The countryside of Italy has been getting so dry that they have been discussing emergency measures in Rome to conserve water. Normally, I would have expected people on the street to hide from the rain and cover their necks; instead they were shouting with joy and opening their arms up wide to the downpour. Every thing in nature moves in rhythms and cycles and humans are no exception. When a natural cycle gets too far out of it’s normal rhythm we experience a crisis. In the environment we call them droughts, floods, and storms; in the body we call it being sick. When the storm finally breaks we jump for joy, when the pressure gets to be too much on our neck and shoulders we get adjusted by a Chiropractor.

If you have been paying attention to stories about Rome in the news you probably have seen mention of emergency drought relief measures like turning off water supply to entire neighborhoods or public drinking fountains. You might also have heard about the leaky pipe infrastructure that are the real source of water waste. Sustained absence of normal rainfall created a crisis which is impacting the quality of our lives. What is worse is that by investing in preventative care of city infrastructure we could have remained unaffected by the drought, had more water to drink, and taken less out of the system doing so. So why is a Chiropractor writing about thunderstorms and water supply issues?

Just as a reduction in water flow to the fountains of a city directly threatens our collective well-being, a reduction in communication between your brain and your body threatens your ability to live with optimal health. When rainfall stops reservoirs get low, fountains get stopped up, and people overheat and get thirsty. When abnormal shape, tension, or tone of your spine stops normal communication between brain and body, your energy drops, muscles ache, and your head gets heavy on the top of your neck. Both lightning and thunder can be either frightening or a relief depending on context. Similarly, symptoms aren’t only inconveniences to be done away with. They are also signals that your body is struggling to find the best way of dealing with life. If your nerve system has been under pressure for a while already and your stiff neck or back pain prompts you to do something about it was it good or bad? If a drought motivates an ancient and bureaucratic city to repair a leaky water infrastructure and save millions of gallons of fresh water in the future was it bad or good?

Just as water runs down hill into the ocean. Experiences enter our nervous system and alter our physiology. The heat of the sun evaporates the oceans and saturates the atmosphere with water vapor. We tell ourselves stories about our experiences and create emotions and beliefs consistent with the meaning in those stories. The bound energy of water vapor in clouds and repeated patterns of thought or emotion put pressure on the system to create change. Without the release of raindrops falling to earth in the field of gravity life becomes more and more difficult for land dwelling creatures. When we remain in holding patterns with our psycho-emotional stresses our frames become more and more distorted. A distorted frame translates to a mechanically distorted nerve system due to Adverse Mechanical Cord Tension.

Thankfully, once we find ourselves living with a distorted spine and nerve system we have the ability to reverse the process. When a Chiropractor addresses the misalignment in your spine the pressure on your spinal cord is reduced. With a spinal cord free from adverse mechanical cord tension due to a distorted spine your body is capable of living with optimum health.

Curious about what life would be like with less tension and more connection? Come to Chiropratica Universale for a free consultation and learn how Chiropractic can enrich your experience of life. If you want to learn some strategies for healing yourself from the inside out check out our upcoming events.

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Defense or Expansion?

Defense strategies like a stiff spine, hunched posture, and a tight jaw help keep us steady in the face of challenges. When they come to dominate our daily life they have a drastically negative impact on our overall health, well-being, and enjoyment of life.

The ability to live well is innate to each on of us. The true nature of a human being is to feel good, express love, and be excited for life. Unfortunately, physical tension and mental or emotional stress frequently work together to block us from experiencing the abundance in life. Did you know that muscular tension, negative feelings or emotions, as well as stooped, bent, or hunched posture are all defense strategies? What is a defense strategy and how does it affect your health?

Every living thing is lives every moment in one of two ways. One way is with defense strategies which create self protection. Examples of defense strategies from nature are animals that freeze motionless in place to avaoid being seen and eaten, animals that arch up their backs and act aggressively to scare perceived threats, and creatures that carry armor with them in the form of shells like a snail. The other way of living is a state of openness and it provides us with healing, rest, growth, connection, learning, and development. Defense strategies can help us survive in emergencies but they stop every other function that is essential for living well. A snail will be safe inside of its shell but it will not be able to move around, eat food, or have any kind of relationships with other snails as long as it stays closed up inside its shell.

From various stressful experiences in life we develop defensive thoughts, defensive feelings, defensive behaviours, and defensive postures which close us off from the potential to live truly well. Like the snail, when we pull our shoulders forward and our head down we reinforce our sense of self but we lose our connection to the good life. In fact, with your head down to look at your cellular phone the spinal cord lengthens by up to 5 centimeters. In this position you are pulling on the brainstem and restriciting the vital flow of blood to the front part of your spinal cord. In this way, a person normally exists in a state of chronic stress, with defense strategies keeping them away from their own natural state of health and well-being. At Chiropractica Universale the goal is to help you to shift from defense to openness and growth. Not just for a quick dose of relief but for a real change from the inside of each person that creates permanent improvement in alignment with your unique nature.